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I am just a line.


General Information


All files on this site work fine for me but you download and use them at your own risk.
I'm not responsible for any crashes or other issues.

This site is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Electronic Arts or Maxis.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Object ID Conflicts:
My Magic Cookie is registered on the Magic Cookie database, however I am aware of a few other creators (old and current) whose objects occasionally conflict with mine. If you have trouble with any of my items appearing in your game, or causing problems, please try running an ID checking program to look for conflicts.


Cloning/Recolour Policy:
All of the items on this site have been made by myself and are free to download.
You can share them via email, but please do not host them on your own site or claim them as your own work.
The only exceptions to this are the CTO and Terraluna forums - some of my objects are also available for download there.

If you wish to recolour any of my items, that's fine but please check the object's description first in case the base is by another creator.
If it is, please check that creator's recolour/cloning policy also.


File Locations:
.iff files go in your game's Downloads folder.
.wll files go in your GameData - Walls folder.
.flr files go in your GameData - Floors folder.
When downloading skins, all files in the zip go into your GameData - Skins folder unless otherwise indicated.


I can be contacted via PM on CTO or Terraluna's forums.
User name: Yamirose




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