Stories from the Mirrorway


Every world has its stories.

From the halls of the mighty Starship Galaxy, through the forests of Dalra Star,
to the Watchtower of Witchhaven County and beyond...

This is where their tales are told.

These are the stories from the Mirrorway.


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Special Series: 'Introductions' - introducing the main characters of the Mirrorway

Introductions 1

An introduction to the crew of the Starship Galaxy.

Introductions 2

An introduction to the inhabitants of Witchhaven County.

Introductions 3

An introduction to the inhabitants of Dalra Star.

Introductions 4

An introduction to the inhabitants of Castle Heart.

Introductions 5

The Conference of Introductions is finally held.

Introductions 6

In the heart of the Mirrorway, the missing world is revealed.



World: Witchhaven County


Within the Were, bloodlines must never cross. But what happens when destiny interferes? Always remember, in Witchhaven County nothing is ever as it seems!

The Catnapping

Witchhaven County is known for its unusual inhabitants, and Briarley is no exception. He's content in his life, but that peace is about to be shattered.

The Rescue

Briarley's trouble was just the beginning, as Liam is about to find out. His parents have been taken prisoner and it's up to him, with a bit of help, to rescue them.

Partners by Fate

While Liam goes after his parents, it's up to the Deputy Sheriffs of Witchhaven to provide a distraction. But one of them is a little distracted himself, by memories.


Now, the Ravenstone Clan is the most powerful of all the Gargoyle clans. But at the beginning, it was just two Gargoyles with a common bond. Magic.

The Rarest of them all

Among Gargoyles, the mysterious Angels are the rarest of all. This tells of how they came to be.

The Ravenstone Legend 1

A New Enemy, A New Ally: A prophecy speaks of a Gargoyle child with raven hair and golden eyes. But even before he hatches, he will need his power.

To Fly Fast and Free

All his life, he has wanted only to fly. All his life, his Chieftain has kept him bound. But now he has a chance to find somewhere he truly belongs.

Guardian Hearts 1

Guardian of the Rookery: Now, he is the Master of the Rookery, but there was a time when he was only a hatchling at the uncertain mercy of an uncaring Mistress.

Guardian Hearts 2

The Guardian's Tale: Shamrock has told the story a thousand times and yet never before have the hatchlings heard the ending. Until now. Or is it the end?

Guardian Hearts 3

The Lost Hatchling: The search for a missing female leads to an evil mage, but is she his only victim? Will Shamrock end up finding someone else as well?

Guardian Hearts 4

Loran's Heart: As the clan gathers to celebrate, Loran reflects on the past and the part he played in it. But there are still a few surprises in store.


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