Sprite Candies


Yu-Gi-Oh! || RP and Fanfiction Characters || Sprites


All of these are original characters from an RP I'm in.
They are a race of 3 foot tall winged beings called Sprites.

Note: Butterfly style wings are folded down on their backs out of sight.


Guardian Sprites
Myst Mage Melody


Special Sprites
Pledge Promise Joy Rook Ring


Tunnel Sprites
George Wilder Maelin Zakia
George - Winter Wilder - Winter Clove Tane


Crystal House Sprites
Crest Eolin Canace Irien


Sprite Freedom Fighters
Egret Jahne Scout Nenna
Ramble Uli Irriva Yaris


Calia Corli Faylinn
Kerriel Tama Terin


These Dolls were made using the CandyBar Doll-maker at The Doll Palace.
Some of them have been edited in Paint and Corel Photopaint 7.