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These images are all illustrations for some of my Fanfics.

DISCLAIMER: Most of these images are fanart produced for entertainment purposes only. Yu-Gi-Oh! and all related characters are the creations of Kazuki Takahashi.


'Ryou and Kura'

Ryou and Kura are all dressed up and ready to go to the ball... er... dance. Yes, that delicate redhead is Bakura in female form. He really is bad with those spells.

Story: 'Another Source of Magic - Chapter 08'

'He's Really not mad at Me?'

This is Bakura-kitten peeking out from under Ryou's bed. He was hiding there because he thought Ryou would be mad at him for making a mess of the kitchen.

Story: 'Another Source of Magic - Chapter 12'

'Heh. Heheheh.'

This is Bakura-kitten having some fun with a shoelace while Ryou gets ready for bed. He was embarrassed when Ryou caught him playing, but Ryou thought it was cute.

Story: 'Another Source of Magic - Chapter 12'

'The Lamp Incident'

This is Bakura-chibi about to rid the world of a lamp that is in extremely bad taste. Unfortunately, Ryou will have to get his father a new one just like it.

Story: 'Another Source of Magic - Chapter 27'

'Peace at Last'

At the end of a long day of caring for Bakura-chibi, the little yami falls asleep, hugging his Dark Witch plushie, and Ryou finally gets a chance to sit down and relax.

Story: 'Another Source of Magic - Chapter 27'

'Bakura's Halloween Dare'

Bakura learned a valuable lesson on Halloween. Never make a wager with a costume-shop salesgirl that you've just insulted. You'll end up embarrassing yourself.

Story: 'Bakura's Halloween Dare'

'Tournament of Shadows'

Meet most of the original characters from the fic. From left to right: (shh it's a secret), Nyc Lyons, Callie Logan, Avril Kensington, Rina Price, (shh it's a secret), Evian Sanders. Not shown: Emi.

Story: 'Tournament of Shadows'

'The Magician's Children'

Meet most of the original characters from the fic. From left to right: Eldest Son, Youngest Son, Youngest Daughter, Mariasha, Akila. Not shown: Alasdair, Little Servant Girl, (shh it's a secret).

Story: 'Hearts, Souls and Shadows'

'I Will Protect You'

Is Bakura protecting Ryou or is it the other way around? Perhaps they are protecting each other. This comes from a story I'm currently working on.

Story: I Will Protect You

'I Will Protect You' original drawing

This is the original drawing that I coloured. I like this drawing a lot so I thought I'd include it here.


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