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Pegasus's Special Deck
Chapter 2: Trouble in the Tower

By Shadow's Mirror


"It's no good Yug! We've searched everywhere and there's just no sign of her! Téa's vanished!" Joey hurried up to Yugi, Ryou right behind him. Tristan came up from the other direction in time to catch Joey's words.

"She has to be here somewhere! That Pegasus! First he cheats and now this!" He punched his hand against the nearest wall, furious.

Yugi shook his head, a worried look in his large amethyst eyes. "No Tristan, I don't think Pegasus was behind this. It's not his style. If he had done something to Téa, he would already have contacted us to boast about it!"

"Yeah, good point Yug. So where does that leave us?" Joey scratched his head. He jumped as Mai's voice suddenly came from behind him.

"'If you want to find your friend, come to the North Tower.'"

"Huh? Mai? What are you talking about?"

Mai held up a note. Her normally calm expression was gone and she looked more than a little worried. "I found this pinned to Téa's door just now."

Everyone froze. Yugi took the note and stared at it without really seeing it, his mind racing. "There was nothing there earlier. We've all been in and out of there for the past hour, ever since we realised that she was gone. So whoever did this... they're playing a game with us."

"Like I said, it's Pegasus! It has to be!" This time, no one could deny the possibility that Tristan was right.

Yugi turned to the others. "Pegasus or not, there's only one thing for us to do. We have to do what the note says!" His eyes gleamed with his determination.

Tristan didn't look happy. "You know it's a trap."

Yugi nodded. "That's why I'll go alone. The rest of you keep searching the castle, just in case, but stay away from the North Tower. If I'm not back by the time you finish, see if you can find a different way in. Be careful!"

The others nodded. "You too Yug!" Joey watched as Yugi ran down the hall. He traded a glance with Tristan. "We're not really just gonna let him go are we?"

Tristan grinned. "I like his plan. I'll stick to it, but it couldn't hurt for you to go back him up." They glanced at Mai and Ryou who nodded back, both looking worried.

"I'll help Tristan to search the castle," Ryou offered softly.

"Fine with me. I'll go with Joey," Mai agreed.

- - -

Yugi opened the only door on the top floor of the tower carefully. He'd already gone through all of the rooms on the other floors, so if there was a trap, it had to be here.

The first things he noticed were the two steel tables in the middle of the otherwise bare room. Then he saw Téa. She was lying on one of the tables, her eyes closed. Without a thought for his own safety, Yugi hurried over to her. 'I don't like the look of this. Why is she just lying there? Is she asleep or unconscious?'

As he got closer, he noticed a strange metal band around her right wrist. The sight of that band gave him an uneasy feeling, but he shook it off to focus on his friend. "Téa? Téa! Wake up!"

Yugi reached out, intending to gently shake Téa's shoulder. Before he could touch her though, there was a loud bang as the door suddenly slammed shut! Yugi whirled around. "What? What's going on! Who's there? Why are you doing this?"

A familiar laugh echoed through the room, surprising him. "Bandit Keith? I thought Pegasus sent you away?"

"Yeah. He thought that too. But it takes more than a dip in the ocean to get rid of me! You and your little friends humiliated me... now it's time for me to do a little humiliating of my own! Nighty-night Yugi! Sweet dreams!"

'Sweet dreams? What does he mean by... oh no!' Yugi gasped as he heard a hissing sound and realised what was going on. Some sort of gas was being piped into the room!

It acted quickly. Within moments Yugi's head was swimming and he was unable to focus on anything properly. He staggered, barely able to stand, and struggled to remain conscious. He could sense his Millennium Puzzle beginning to react to the danger, but he knew it wouldn't work. Not even the spirit of the Puzzle could stand up to this! As he slipped into unconsciousness, two thoughts raced through Yugi's mind.

'Grandpa! I just saved you and now I might never see you again!'

'If Keith hurts Yugi or any of our friends, he will regret it!'


To be continued...