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The Shadow Library
Chapter 2: A Possible Solution

By Shadow's Mirror


"I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help, Yugi." Solomon Moto eyed his grandson regretfully as the small boy sighed and closed the last of the books lying in front of him on the kitchen table.

Yugi forced a smile as he looked up. "That's okay, Grandpa! It was worth a try, anyway." His smile became more genuine as he gestured to the books. "At least next time I'll know that you have all of this stuff for me to get my information from."

His smile suddenly vanished as he felt a faint wave of sorrow wash through the mind-link he had with his yami. "Oh dear… I didn't mean…" He jumped up and smiled apologetically at his Grandpa as he started out of the room. "Sorry Grandpa, I have to…"

Grandpa nodded. "Go and talk it over with him. Don't worry, Yugi, I'll hold dinner until you're ready for it." He watched his grandson almost run out of the room and sighed softly. "Yugi… I hope he can help you more than I could." He began to clear his journals and reference books away.

* * *

Yugi softly closed the bedroom door. He was aware of his yami's presence in the room even before he turned and saw him, still in spirit form, standing by the window, staring out into the darkness.

"I'm sorry, Yami. I didn't mean my comment like it sounded. I wouldn't have missed hearing even a word about Ancient Egypt from you! I just shouldn't have put so much of it into my assignment. I should have realised that you'd know a lot more about it than is known today. I mean… so little of that time has survived… there's still an awful lot that isn't in any of the history books. I knew we had to list our sources. I just didn't think it would work out like this."

Yugi sighed as he dropped onto his bed. He sat with his head down and wasn't aware that Yami had moved from the window until the familiar deeper voice came from right in front of him. "It is not your fault, Yugi. I told you far more than I should have. It was just… I remember so little that it felt good to be able to tell you something about my past. But in my eagerness, I forgot that such details are easily obscured by the passage of time." Yugi looked up and smiled slightly at his yami.

"So in other words, neither of us is to blame and we should just consider this a learning experience and work from Grandpa's books when rewriting the assignment?"

Yami chuckled. "Not exactly. I agree that neither of us is to blame, but I do not believe it is fair of your teacher to force you to rewrite it. All of your information is accurate. You are merely in need of a book that can confirm what I have told you. I have been thinking and I may know of a place where you can find the book you need."

Yugi's eyes lit up and he jumped to his feet, gazing happily up at his brilliant, wonderful, creative, intelligent and totally yummy yami. "Really? Where? Is it far? Will us take us long to get there? When can we go?" He bounced eagerly as he spoke.

"Easy, Yugi!" The spirit's form shimmered as he invoked the magic that allowed him to assume a physical form. He put his hands on his light's shoulders in an effort to calm the excited boy down, even as he chuckled at Yugi's enthusiasm. "There is no rush. The place that I am thinking of is not far at all. We can go tonight, if you wish. Right after dinner." He smiled at the delight on his light's face at that statement.

"Really? Are you sure they'll be open? Where is it?" Yugi had stopped bouncing at his yami's calming touch, but his enthusiasm was still there. It was beginning to be tempered with reasoning though. He tilted his head, looking at Yami curiously. "How come you didn't mention this place before now? You've known about the assignment rewrite all afternoon."

Yami ducked his head, a faint tide of red washing over his cheeks as he admitted the embarrassing truth. "I forgot that this particular place existed. It has been a very long time since I last heard of it, and even longer since I was last there. A passage in one of Grandpa's books reminded me of it."

Yugi thought about that for a moment, his agile mind quickly fitting the pieces together. "It's somewhere in the Shadow Realm, isn't it?"

As always, Yami was not surprised by his light's intuition. "Yes, Yugi. Although, unlike many of the places there, it is not represented in this world by a card. It is a private place that only the Monsters, and those few humans powerful enough in the Shadow Magic to be able to travel freely to and from the Realm, are able to access."

"And there's a book there about Ancient Egypt that has everything you told me in it?" Yugi's eyes were all but shining in excitement. Yami smiled and moved to stand beside his light, slipping his arm around the smaller boy's shoulders as he did so.

"Not just one book, Yugi. It has all of the books on Ancient Egypt, or the Shadow Realm, that you could ever need." He gave his light a gentle hug as Yugi leaned against him.

"So… where is this place, Yami? Oh! I know!" Yugi excitedly ducked out from under Yami's arm so he was standing in front of him again, looking up at his yami with a big grin. "It's the Dark Magician's tower, isn't it?"

Yami blinked twice, first at his light's sudden movement and secondly at the unexpected comment. "The Dark Magician's… Actually, that wasn't where I was thinking of, however he might have a book that would suit. We could try there first, if you wish?" He tried to ignore the slight feeling of disappointment, unsure if it was from his light moving away from him or from Yugi's obvious eagerness to visit the Dark Magician. After all, why would either of those make him disappointed?

Yugi hesitated, then his grin shifted into an incredibly sweet and almost shy smile. "I'd rather see the place that you were thinking of," he admitted softly. For a long moment, their gazes held, then Yugi gave an odd little laugh and abruptly turned and headed for the door. "Well, if we're going there tonight, then we'd better go eat! Come on! I know Grandpa made enough for all three of us."

Yami blinked and then smiled. "Grandpa always makes enough to feed an army of Stone Soldiers!" He headed after Yugi, trying to push to the back of his mind the image of Yugi's face in the moment before he'd turned away. Surely that hadn't been a faint blush stealing across his light's cheeks… What reason would Yugi have to blush? No, it must have been a trick of the light.

Yugi looked up at Yami as the taller boy caught up with him. "You never said where we're going."

Yami smiled down at his light. "The Shadow Realm Library."


To be continued...