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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the original version of this story, and includes the 'photo' taken during the fic. An alternate version of this story is up at Fanfiction.net, containing a description of the photo instead of the image.


The Photo Session
By Shadow's Mirror


"Okay... I think we're just about ready... I've got the backdrop in place and the camera's all set... Now we just need the stars of our little photo session. Inu Yasha! Sesshoumaru!"

"No." Inu Yasha's voice came from behind one of two curtains set up on one side of the room. "I'm not coming out." Judging by his voice, he was one very unhappy half-dog demon.

"Awww... come on Inu Yasha! I can't take this photo without you! Come on... please?"

A heavy sigh caused the curtain to flutter slightly. "Feh. Fine. But one wisecrack or a hint of laughter and I'm going back to the well!"

"Okay, fine. Just come out already!"

The curtain swung open and Inu Yasha stepped out from behind it.

"There now, that's not so bad, is it?"

Inu Yasha glared. "I feel ridiculous."

"So you should." Sesshoumaru's calm voice came from behind the other curtain, which had been drawn back a crack so he could witness his half-brother's appearance. "You look ridiculous." As Inu Yasha bristled, glaring at the curtain, it suddenly slid back to reveal Sesshoumaru. He smiled very slightly. "I, on the other hand, make this look good."

Inu Yasha blinked and burst out laughing. "No, you don't. You really don't!"

Before the brothers could get into a fight, a small voice piped up from the other side of the room. "Sesshoumaru-sama!" A little girl ran across the room and stopped a few feet away from Sesshoumaru, looking up at him with wide, innocent eyes and a big smile. "Are you going to get your picture taken now?" She looked suddenly sad. "I wish I could too..."

Sesshoumaru turned to the photographer and raised an eyebrow imperiously as he waited.

"Yes, Sesshoumaru. I heard. But looking at me like that isn't going to... Aww... you two are just so darn cute together... It's no good, I can't resist it. Rin, how would you like to be in this photo too?"

Rin whirled around and beamed. "Really? Oh yes please!"

"Okay sweetie, why don't you take this, pop in there and get changed."

Rin nodded as she accepted the bundle of clothes. She happily skipped into the changing area and pulled the curtain closed behind her. Inu Yasha looked surprised.

"So how come me, Sesshoumaru and the girl have to do this, but Kagome got out of it?" He pointed over to the couch where Kagome was sitting, watching the goings on.

Kagome looked alarmed. "Oh no! Don't you dare get me involved in this, Inu Yasha!"

"Kagome already looks the part, it just wouldn't be any fun to include her in this. I wasn't going to include Rin for the same reason, but... she's just so cute!" The curtain suddenly flew back and Rin skipped into view. "See what I mean?"

Kagome's eyes filled with hearts. "Oh! She's so adorable!"

Inu Yasha gave Sesshoumaru a 'do you have any idea what they're going on about?' look. Sesshoumaru responded with a slight shrug before turning away. He glanced at Rin and then turned to look at her properly. He looked mildly surprised. A very small smile appeared on his face.

Inu Yasha frowned at his brother and then turned away. "Feh. Whatever. Can we just do this?"

"Okay, I think we're ready now. Inu Yasha if you just stand there... yes, that's right. Now you stand beside him Sesshoumaru. Don't worry, he won't bite you... not at the moment anyway. Good. Okay Rin, why don't you go stand on Sesshoumaru's other side... good, but maybe if you moved forward a little... Yes! That's perfect! Okay... now... everyone strike your pose and say 'Fluffy!' No, Sesshoumaru, I said strike your pose, not glare at me. Let's try that again. Inu Yasha, could you try not to laugh this time? You were very good, Rin. Okay, pose and say 'Fluffy' on three! One... two... three!"



The Photo

The Photo


The End