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These images are all illustrations for some of my original Fantasy stories.

All of these images are full size.


'The Proprietors'

These are the photographs that hang on the wall of the Midnight Rose Cyber-Café. They show the main female characters on the worlds I write about. You get to meet them all in the story.

Series: 'Introductions'


These are the three main Gargoyles in my story 'To Fly Fast and Free'. The one in the front is Banner, who is one of the main Gargoyles I write about. The one at the back is Warcry, his father. In the middle is Banner's mother, Vigilis, who is one of the 12 Gargoyles featured in one of my other stories.

Stories: 'To Fly Fast and Free' | 'The Rarest of Them All'


Another of my favourite Gargoyle creations. Justice spent several hundreds of years watching over humans, protecting them from harm and bringing criminals to justice - which is how he earned his name. He now works as a Deputy Sheriff in Witchhaven County.

Story: 'Partners by Fate'


This is Nemesis, half human and half Siren. She earned her name during the several hundred years she spent tracking down and punishing men who had mistreated or harmed women. She now works as a Deputy Sheriff in Witchhaven County.

Story: 'Partners by Fate'

Cameo: 'Angel: A Promise of Tomorrow'


Shamrock is the gentle Guardian of the Rookery and one of the Gargoyles I work with the most. The child on his lap is Amy, one of the children of the Rookery who Shamrock protects.

Series: 'Guardian Hearts'


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